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iStock_000008190739MediumThank you for your interest in the Helix Bioscience Institute (HBI).  Please visit us often as we will be expanding the website shortly so as to best bring you all things science including news, programming, educational materials among others. Want to know more get in touch:

Contact Address:                    Contact Number: 800-975-6853 – Extension (3)
Helix Bioscience Institute Inc.  Fax Number: 800-975-6853
Care of: Dr. Steven Munevar    E-mail Address: inquire (at) helixbioscience (dot) org
45 Prospect Street                  Web Address: www (dot) helixbioscience (dot) org
Cambridge, MA 02139

Help Us Grow
Together we can move mountains, so this should comparably easier.. .we hope. Below are a series of areas where you can play an active role in supporting our efforts at HBI:

  • Research Opportunities
    • Are you a world class researcher seeking to pursue new frontiers, inquire how you can join our HBI family of multidisciplinary scientists advancing translational life science research
  • Events Cross-Promotional Opportunities
    • Do you have a complimentary organization or events series that aligns well with the mission at HBI, inquire about cross-promotional opportunities as we strive create awareness about all things science, innovation, entrepreneurship, and networking right in our own backyard
  • Events Volunteering Opportunities
    • Would you like to be part of the HBI family of volunteer, inquire about volunteer opportunities at HBI and tell us why you would like to join our HBI team