About Us

teamworkDr. Steven Munevar, Ph.D., MBA – Founder/Executive Director

Dr. Steven Munevar

As a biomedical research scientist, Dr. Munevar contributed first hand towards the growth and advancement of life science research. Seeking to play a further role in the realization of the vast potential he observed during his tenure as a research scientist, he set out to apply his multidisciplinary background in bioengineering, biomedical science, and business management towards bridging the gap between research bench and patient bedside.

With this vision, Dr. Munevar sought to build a platform whereby bioscience, engineering, and computation would converge toward translational research leading to the inception of the Helix Bioscience Institute. As a researcher and life science entrepreneur Dr. Munevar and his team seek to accelerate the translation of life science innovation toward ultimately addressing unmet healthcare need.

Winston KuoDr. Winston Patrick Kuo, DDS, DMSc – Chair Institute Advisory Board

Dr. Kuo is the current Director of the Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center – Laboratory for Innovative Translational Technologies (LITT) and an Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Kuo created LITT which accelerates the translation of laboratory research in therapeutics and diagnostics into the clinic utilizing innovative cutting-edge technologies. His group focuses on biomarker discovery to assay development to point of care diagnostics in the area of oncology. Dr. Kuo is a pioneer in the area of Bioinformatics in the Dental Medicine. He is the first dental trained “bioinformatician” seeking to bridge clinical dentistry and the dental basic sciences using “informatics” approaches. This will include both clinical informatics and bioinformatics approaches.

Dr. Kuo is very active nationally as well as internationally; he sits and advises on the Public-Private-Partnership and Translational CTSA Key Function Committees for the NIH. In addition, he is on several reviewing committees for the NIH special emphasis panel for reviewing contract proposals. Dr. Kuo is the Editor in Chief of Exosomics and on the Editorial Board of International Journal of Systems Biology and Biomedical Technologies, Conference Papers in Oncology, Dataset Papers in Medicine and Guest Editor for the International Journal of Proteomics.