Awesome Scientists + Big Data + Lots of Computers + Outsourced Labs = Finding the Cure…Faster

iStock_000000380817MediumThe Helix Bioscience Institute (HBI) was designed as the next generation not-for-profitĀ  innovation accelerator optimally leveraging the virtual with the brick and mortar. The institute will serve to enable researchers to conduct transformative directed discovery and translational research employing a vast array of tools and resources. The desired outcome is to drive innovation that directly bridges discovery to pre-clinical.

HBI was envisioned as a translational science engine, focused on better bridging the gap between research bench and patient bedside through leveraging:

  • Advanced big data set mining
  • Computer assisted data analysis and modeling
  • Real-time laboratory outsourcing
  • Multidisciplinary researchers

Together we will bring about a paradigm shift in translational science leading to an acceleration of therapeutics development.